SOLD Set of Learning 2000 cd's ~ weight is 2.5 lbs zip code 62890

by Julie


Learning 2000 Purchase of a Lifetime cd's is a set of cd's that cover Math, Reading and Writing. This set was given to me by a friend and I never used it.

She bought it for her children when she first started homeschooling and I believe she liked the program. Her children eventually went back into public school and she no longer had a use for them.

It is for older systems. I don't think it will work on Vista and I don't know if it will work on XP.

Here is a section from the included paper about the program...

Begin your journey through the Learning 2000 Lifetime Library and see all the many possibilities. Learning 2000 focuses on the fundamental skills of reading, comprehension, writing, math and algebra that are at the heart of academic success. In fact, nothing can match the one-on-one, individualized approach of Learning 2000.

The cd's all appear to be in good shape and come in a binder.

The Math cd's are labeled Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, Pre-Algebra, Algebra part 1 and Algebra part 2.

One thing I remember her saying is that science and history were incorporated into either the writing or reading sections.

Wish I could tell you more....I do want them to go to someone who can use them.

I accept Paypal Credit card version and checks.

Thanks for reading.

Zip Code 62890 Approximate weight is 2.5 pounds

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Dec 14, 2008
your Learning 2000 cds
by: em

Hey - I'll take your learning 2000 CDs off your hands if you still have them cluttering up the place :) I'm homeschooling my 2nd grader and my 6th grader and I'm at loose ends for parts of the curriculum. From what I've read, 2000 could fill in all the gaps :)

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