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Why SBI?

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In 2009, let's be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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 is about
Site Build It and
using your interests
to earn income.

The rest of the site is dedicated to helping you homeschool.

What do you need?

Why SBI?

Well perhaps I should tell you what SBI is first....SBI stands for Site Build It.

So why Site Build It? I love SBI!  That is the quick answer to the question.

Some other reasons:
  • Step by step plans
  • Incredible support
  • Knowledgeable forums
  • Reasonable price
  • More than just selling SBI-it is about passion
  • Loved the free courses and information 
  • Always improving the tools
  • Tools that work, are usable and make sense to have and use (Not useless garbage)
  • No hype
  • Work with what I love and love to work
  • Challenging but self-driven
  • Gave me hope that there was a real way to make money online-not a scam
  • Proof-testimonials, real people in the forums discussing, sharing, helping
  • Awesome websites from other SBI owners that over-deliver information
There is so many more benefits- but how about I just let you watch a video that can point you in the right direction...


A Comprehensive Strategy

The comprehensive strategy to follow your passion is SBI.

They walk the walk and talk the talk. They give you step by step what you need to create a website online and depending on what you put into it can lead to income.

Information you can expect to gain:
  1. How to start online (hone your skills, research topics,develop a plan,find out what works)
  2. How to find a Niche (What is your passion, your interests,what will be profitable)
  3. How to build a website (Step by step with an awesome action guide)
  4. How to build content not a sales pitch (It doesn't start with the money-it starts with content)
  5. How to make money (affiliates, adsense, offline, online, infolinks, products and more)
  6. How to send traffic to your site (a site without traffic is just a hobby-they show you how to bring traffic to your site)

Talking about over-delivering...when I first was researching SBI, I read every one of their freebie books and I was impressed. So, I am going to give you those freebies books. Read them. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Click here to start reading your free SBI Courses today. If you want to print a copy and review the e-book offline, right-click to download it.

Course #1: Make Your Content Presell

Make Your Content PREsell

Course #2: Make Your Net Auction Sell
Net Auction Masters Course

Course #3: Make Your Words Sell

Make Your Words Sell

Course #4: Make Your Price Sell
Make Your Price Sell

Course #5:Make Your Knowledge Sell
Make Your Knowledge Sell

Course #6: Make Your Site Sell
Make Your Site Sell



As I said, I am impressed with SBI. If you are considering trying to start a website with the idea of trying to earn an income with it ...give SBI a chance.

Why SBI? Because they really over-deliver.

I Love SBI!

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