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Teens Explore Careers

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Teens Explore Careers

Teen Career Center

This part of my site,Teens Explore Careers, is dedicated to helping you or your teen evaluate and find a career he or she will love.

Yes, I once was a baffled teen searching for a career but with the help of my faith, common sense and willingness to look at options I was able to find a job. Notice, I didn't say career. That would come later after I decided to follow what/who I loved and loved doing. I want this site to help teens explore careers that will excite them and give them a lifetime of enjoyment.


When I was in second grade or perhaps even earlier I decided I would have a career and I was going to go to college. I worked hard on my grades and I did well in school. As my high school years came to a close, I applied to the University of my choice and I was accepted.

The problem was that I had focused so hard on being a good student to achieve my goal of higher education that I really never discovered what I had an interest in or talent for...choosing a major never mind a potentially life long job that I would enjoy became a monumental task.

I tried to draw upon what I thought I was good at...reading, writing, sciences, math etc. Nothing came to me as a viable choice that I would want to pursue.

Since I had drawn upon my faith to choose where I would go I scanned the options in the University's catalog.

I prayed and I trusted God to guide me and He did. And because God is ever faithful, He continues to guide me on my path through this life. For more about my life choices and about me follow this link.

Homeschool Teacher and Mom

Now, I have two teenagers facing the same problem and a third child only a few years away from having to make these choices. All of my children are good students, they work hard and are blessed with good minds and healthy bodies. Truly, I believe that they will be able to do whatever they set their mind and hearts upon..

As a concerned Mom I want to help them make wise decisions about their future and of course, I'd also like to see them avoid the mistakes I made or have seen others do.

The opportunities for teens exploring careers is constantly changing and evolving with advances in technology . So trying to base my guidance on my experiences alone seems insufficient and so I will not rely upon my past to help their futures except as a general guideline.

I want my children to find a career that challenges them but also utilizes their unique gifts and talents. When they wake up on Monday mornings I want them to be excited about going to work.

I hope to give them guidance and in this process I will share what I find here with you. In sharing, I hope to help your children find their dream jobs and help them get to work.

Soon I will begin posting candid interviews with people from several different professions. I will include in these interviews, if possible, the good, the bad and the why I keep showing up on Monday mornings. I think you will enjoy reading these interviews and will find valuable insights into the day to day activities that might affect a career decision.

Helping your teens explore careers by helping them to make wise career decisions based on their talents and dreams may help them find a career they love.

Coming to Teens Explore Careers: Interviews, Teen talents/careers, Internship opportunities. I hope you enjoy this work in progress. God Bless You, your future and your ministry.

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