Project Global Warming

Love Conquers Fear

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear... (1 John 4:18)

Project Global Warming began with my love of knitting, my desire to teach my children about our world's resources and how to be a positive influence, and a recent trip to the Emergency Room.

I was cold and in pain as my husband rushed me to the ER

I was cold and in pain as my husband rushed me to the ER. Yes, it was cold outside, one of the coldest days of the year, but I felt as if the cold was seeping into my body. My hands and legs were numb and the numbness seemed to be spreading.


When I was able to take a breath, I yelled to my husband,

"Turn on the heat!" I'm pretty sure I didn't say please....


Since that day, I seem to be less tolerant of cold and sympathize with those who do not have access to warm clothes and heat.


One of my current favorite hobbies is knitting and somewhere in the depths of my mind, I decided that it would be fun to knit things like scarves, hats, blankets etc., basically things to keep people/animals warm, and to send them across the world.


The words, "Global Warming" strike at a basic fear of losing our world, I decided to try to redefine that term into one based on love. So Project Global Warming is my attempt to warm up the world with one lovingly knit project after another.


Global Warming Project Countries/States Reached


  1. *Hubertus, Wisconsin USA (wrist warmers)
  2. *Wausaukee, Wisconsin USA (hats and scarves)
  3. *Marion, Illinois USA (wrist warmers)
  4. *Arkansas USA (prayer shawl)


*Indicates my contributions.


Would you like to join me? Do you knit, crochet or quilt?


Fill in the form with your project,final destination and name to credit and I will happily add it to the list.

Let’s warm up the world.



Looking for information on building a lapbook on Global Warming...check out Global Warming Lapbook

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