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My search for homeschool resources began with a question


My search for homeschool resources began with a question...

"You're going to homeschool?"

Then with raised eyebrows and seriously exaggerated concerned looks, they asked,

"What about high school?"


"No problem." I replied, naively. "The Internet is filled with information for homeschoolers and I hear through the megabytes on forums and lists that the Internet is growing." For extra emphasis, I added, "Rapidly!"


Ten years later, I am still homeschooling and I love it.


Yes, the Internet is filled with pages of resources for homeschoolers. I found the websites with worksheets and the state laws. I found the why I should homeschool sites and the educational game sites. Daily use of the Internet has helped me become extremely adept at finding things on just about every school subject possible. What I didn’t find has become my cornerstone for building these pages.


This site is dedicated to giving you what you need to homeschool better including things that you may not even know you need to succeed.


Sure, I will have some of the traditional resources. I will include a used curriculum for sale section and links to other useful sites. However, what I really want to give you is a reprieve from the usual and give you helpful guidance and support. I'll try to add a bit of humor to keep it lively but the laughter is up to you.


What will you find on this site as it grows?

·        Tools to help develop essential skills

·        Information about learning styles and helpful hints

·        Lapbook creation corner

·        A field trip organizer

·        A teen career center

·        A writing workshop section

·        And much more


I do want to stress that homeschooling isn't just about educating your children. A vital ingredient for a successful homeschool is you.

So, please check out the "What about me?" section for ways to renew you.


You are doing something wonderful.

Take care of you.


Finally, I think it is important to be aware of trends in education, homeschooling, and in the world, in general. So I hope to also offer a peaceful place to observe and gauge and discuss these trends.


I'm glad you're here. I sincerely hope you find not only what you are looking for but also something more.



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