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        Welcome to Homeschool Teacher, Homeschool Mentor!

 I'm glad you came to visit.

One aspect of being a homeschool teacher, that is wonderful, is that we naturally reach out to others who homeschool to share ideas, wisdom, to get advice and to offer support and form friendships.

Homeschoolers are an incredible resource of creativity and inspiration. Please feel free to share your insights, ideas and tips and to respond to other teacher's ideas and tips. 

This page will be the main page to link to other sections.  If you wish to return to this page to check out other sections you can just click on the link at the bottom of the page, or on the image in the top right corner or from the Table of Contents on the left.

                                 Here is a poem I wrote for you.

                                            To Teach

                                            To Teach                                                                  
                                            To master
                                            To master
                                             To know
                                             To know
                                              To live
                                              To live
                                             To share
                                             To share
                                              To give
                                              To give
                                             To Teach


Being a homeschool teacher is a blessing that is filled with joy and anxiety, peace and challenges, understanding and fear, love and hope.

It is a career choice I have chosen but I know I do not do it alone. For that I am thankful. Here, I will share with you what I can in hopes that any anxieties, fears and challenges that you have, will be minimized.

I encourage you share your tips and helpful hints here. Everyone has something to share that just might make a difference in someone elses homeschool life. Not everyone is creative, or does things by the books...it is our differences that make life great!

An example of the beautiful sharing and caring spirit of homeschoolers can be found at Help-4-Your-Homeschool There you will find creative tips, support and encouragement for when your homeschool has "lost its sizzle".  You can also sign up for a free newsletter and keep "Sparks for the Flame" coming each month!


Homeschool Teacher Homeschool Mentor by Subject

Homeschool Mentor Spelling Tips

Teaching spelling has been a challenge for me and a frustration for my boys. Read about what we've tried, what worked and what I recommend.
Click here to go to Mentor Spelling Tips and Rules

Homeschool Mentor Writing

Explore writing ideas and add your own.
Go to Homeschool Mentor Writing Resources

     Coming Soon!

Homeschool Mentor Math

Homeschool Mentor Grammar and Vocabulary

Homeschool Mentor History

Homeschool Mentor Science

Homeschool Mentor Phonics

Homeschool Reading

Homeschool Art

Homeschool Foreign Languages

Homeschool P.E.


Homeschool Mentor Beyond Subjects

Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Mentor Favorite Field Trips

Used Homeschool Books


Homeschool Mentor Challenges

Homeschool Mentor Dealing with Distractions

Homeschool Mentor Socialization

Homeschool Mentor Schedules

Homeschool Mentor Discipline


Homeschool Mentor By Grades

Homeschool Mentor Primary Years

Homeschool Mentor Middle School

Homeschool Mentor High School

Homeschool Mentor College Admission Tests


Homeschool Mentor Fun

Homeschool Mentor Taking Care of You

Homeschool Mentor Funny Stories

Homeschool Mentor Encouragement

Homeschool Mentor Time Savers


Homeschool Mentor Legal

Homeschool Mentor Legal Issues


Homeschool Mentor Insights

Homeschool Mentor Advice to Beginners

Homeschool Mentor Learning Styles

Homeschool Mentor Learning Challenges

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