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From Plants and Plarn to Guinea Hens and Goats

Summer Homeschool?

Oh those sweet words that invoke joy in many a heart, "Schools out for the summer." To me they bring back memories of warm days spent swimming in the pond and selling sweet corn by the road while I read thick books coveted from the library and cool nights chasing lighting bugs-only to worry if I caught one, would I hurt it and listening to Whip-o-wills.

Ah, Summer!

So why do I at times choose to have my children do summer homeschool? Unfortunately, those memories are from a distant place and time. Here the summers are hot and humid but Spring and Fall are delightful. It is unlikely that my children would in the heat of Summer choose willingly to go and play outside.

One of the greatest assets of homeschooling is the ability to choose when you take a vacation or if you take a vacation. This year our official school year will end in two days, having completed the mandatory requirements for number of days. Does that mean we won't have school or quit learning through the summer?

Absolutely not.

Summer Homeschool on the Farm

Our book learning will continue until the boys finish their school books-mainly this is Math. Every day, all of my children will read something and the farm will teach them about Science, History, Faith, Practical Math, Life cycles, Biology, Communication, Cooperation, Plant needs, Insects, Experimentation, Building, Leaf/Tree Identification and Homemaking skills to name a few.

In order to be sure my children continue learning we will visit the libraries often and research information on the Internet in relation to our ongoing projects. The projects we are working on now are potato bins, landscape fabric gardening, hydroponic gardening, raising guinea hens, a new puppy, strawberry jam, building a guinea hen pen, making plarn, recycling, herbs, making cheese, wild edibles and soon we will be getting a goat.

In addition to the education on the farm, we will explore our world with vacations. In May, we had the opportunity to visit Virginia and soon we will be going on vacation to Wisconsin. My oldest, the lucky one, will be flying to Australia in July.

Homeschooling and the ability to choose when we vacation has enabled us to see many parts of our beautiful country without fear that our children would have to miss school.

Summer Homeschool Current Projects

Click on the links to read more about these projects.

Guinea Hens 



Recycling in Illinois

Making Cheese

Homes for the Cat, the Dog, the Fish, the Guineas, and a Goat


Wild Edibles


Taking Care of a New Puppy

A Goat

Seeing the World, Our Family Vacations

Potato Bins

Landscape Fabric Gardening

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