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From one homeschooling mom to another-we can do it!
In 2009, let's be healthy, wealthy and wise.
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Homeschool Fun

 Homeschool Fun

    I need to Laugh, Now!

Homeschool Fun began because today which was actually a school holiday for us, should have been a day filled with laughter, fun activities and little or no stress.

Instead, I was almost in tears, yelling and very stressed. I almost declared there would be no more school holidays. Fortunately, I realized before I said anything that this was a bit extreme. lol

Laugh! It feels great!

Laughter has saved many a stressful school day for us. Next to, relax, if you are consistently working on school work you will be fine, my next best piece of advice to new homeschoolers is to laugh, have fun with it, enjoy what the day brings.

There can be some very trying moments and as the teacher, the mom, you have a choice in those stressful times. What will you choose? To take a deep breath, sigh and try again?
To laugh and set it aside and try again later? To scream something ineffective like, "I know you can do better than this, try again." To come back here, and laugh a little, share a little and realize that even the trying moments pass by quickly and take advantage of Homeschool Fun to help lighten your mood and spirit?

Share Your Funny Homeschool Stories!

I hope you will check back often as I will add things that make me laugh and maybe they will make you laugh, too, or at least maybe smile. I like stories, articles, comics that are positive in nature. In other words, they are funny without making someone defensive about their choices.

Since we do not have a best case scenario, where both sects come together and do what is best for all the children and help each other, let's laugh together without labels, without finger-pointing, without preconceived ideas that only one way works best.

As homeschoolers, we can start by sharing our funny stories about our struggles and triumphs. We can show the world, that we struggle because we care about our children and their future and we choose to laugh and enjoy the challenges of being a homeschooler. Maybe with laughter we can begin to change the world of education.
After all, our world is not stagnant and will change anyway, how about making choices to bring positive changes.

Let's take a step towards unity and laugh together.

I did a search online for homeschool funnies that made me smile and here is what I have found, so far....

Homeschool Fun #1

Jim Erskine comic
Jim Erskine comic part 2
In order to fit this on my site I had to reduce the image and put it in grayscale.

Here is a little movie clip that was sent to me in an email that while not specifically homeschool related-it sure did make all of us laugh.

I would like to give credit where credit is due but I really don't know who originally uploaded this video to the internet or even who the singer is...if you know please let me know so that I can be respectful of any possible copyright issues and/or promote the artist. Thanks!

Can you make us laugh with your homeschool story? Give it a try! See stories others have sent to try and make you laugh below. Enjoy.

Please make me laugh with your homeschool stories!

There are days I really need to laugh. Please share your funny homeschool stories because I suspect on some days we all need to laugh. By sharing our funny stories we can laugh together.

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Funny Homeschool Stories Other's Have Sent for You to Enjoy.

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

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Click here to write your own.


I strongly believe every guardian/parent must make a decision about how to have their child educated. Homeschooling is not always the best choice for everyone, nor is public school always the best option. I truly want people to respect my decision to homeschool and to understand that I am doing what I feel is best for my children. I try to extend that sentiment to those who do not homeschool and even to those who attack me because I do homeschool. Therefore, I will not approve any submission to this page that is any way derogatory to others.

Also, please submit your stories and be respectful of copyrights. Thanks.

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