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Healthy U 

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From one homeschooling mom to another-we can do it!
In 2009, let's be healthy, wealthy and wise.
                                                                                      Julie D

For a Healthy U

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You are the key to your homeschool's success!

Healthy U is about how important you should already know this but it is worth repeating!

I'm going to talk to you straight, blunt and to the point:
  • You, are the center of your homeschool. 
  • You, make the decisions-curriculum, vacation, field trips, etc.
  • You, run the school. 
  • It is imperative that you take care of you.
Your health is important.

When you don't feel good, that will carry over into your child's education.  Your child's education is important to you, right? So you need to stay healthy!

I understand that the available information on health issues is overwhelming and confusing. No Excuse!

Together, we can weed through the hype and find what we need to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy U

Healthy U Basics:  Plain and Simple
  1.  Eat Healthy-make healthier food choices and eat smaller portions
  2.  Exercise
  3.  Sleep 6-8 hours
  4.  Say no to diets
  5.  Get regular check-ups 
  6.  No excuses
  7.  Drink Water
  8.  Limit caffeine
  9.  Limit sugar
  10.  Limit processed foods 
  11.  Limit fast foods
  12.  Laugh
  13.  Know yourself, your limits and  your goals
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There are two kinds of wealth. One you find in your family, your faith and in your friends. The other is about money.

The first type of wealth starts and ends with you. When you make the effort to heal the wounds, encourage those you know, be there for others, listen etc...those things come back to you. Love and be loved. Believe and respect all you meet and you will have the wealth of life.

The second type of wealth involves working. But for this wealth to truly be considered optimal-the work must be combined with passion, interests, hopes, dreams, talents and gifts. When you do that the work is more like play. Is it possible to combine passion and interests with work and still make money? Yes!

Basically, this is what you have to do:
  1. Start online-hone skills,develop a plan,find out what works
  2. Find a Niche
  3. Build a website
  4. Build content not a sales pitch
  5. Make money
  6. Send traffic to your site

Check out my Why SBI page, for a comprehensive strategy to follow your passion!

or check out this video which isn't me but very well could be on any given day...


To be wise:

Know what you believe.
Know the source of your beliefs.

Know what is important to you and why.
Know how to keep what is important in your focus.

Listen more than you speak.
Treat everyone with respect.

Do everything you do with purpose.
Accept help when needed.

Know your limits but stretch your boundaries.
Resources -use them but don't abuse them.
Follow your interests, passions and dreams.

Take time for yourself and keep to the concepts of becoming and being a Healthy U.

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Why Take Care of

(Are you serious?)
  •  You are on an amazing adventure.
  • You are unique, have talents and gifts that can make the world better.
  • You are the hope in your children's future.
  • You are amazing.
  • By undertaking homeschooling, you have bestowed  upon yourself a great task, a challenge and a lot of work.
  • To be successful in this quest, you must be alert, aware, concerned and caring and you are.
  • Ahead of you are days that will test every ounce of patience, strength and courage that you have and there will be days that demand more than you have.

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It provides another perspective on the daily struggles of homeschooling, a beautiful personal story and some practical advice, too.

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