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  Free Used Homeschool Books 

For Postage + $2

 Free Used Homeschool Books, while not totally free, I think it is fair.
 The seller should not have to foot the postage, too.

 So what's up with the plus $2?

Here is my reasoning, $2 is not a profit.

Note: Click here to skip the introduction and go directly to the section for posting and finding what others have posted.

Seller Side

If I really want to get rid of some books and I don't really care about making a profit, Postage + $2 is an agreeable price which will help pay for packaging and gas to get to the Post Office. Essentially, the book/curriculum/homeschool aid is still free.

Buyer Side

I have tried to give books away but most people have to be forced to accept them as they feel like it is charity. So by setting a marginal amount that can be applied to packaging or gas it will no longer be a charity-like transaction. Both sides win.

Why Free Used Homeschool Books

I can't even remember or care to think about how many times I bought something with the idea that this would work great when we study ??? or thought this might help reinforce something or maybe my child will get it with this method....

With this site, I am committed to bringing to you, options from how we communicate and share to how we sell our books and more. I don't want to be a typical homeschool site, not even in the used books section.

What Do I Expect and Ask of You to Use this Section?

Sellers agree to ship items after receiving a payment for ONLY postage + $2.
I also ask, for a brief description of the item(s) and why it worked or not for you.
The brief description should include Title, estimated weight and your zip code.

Please post only ONCE per book/set etc.

If you wish to offer a batch of books please post as one post and only once.

Follow up on any discussion and answer emails in respect to the books. Please check your spam filters.

Buyers agree to be patient, to pay postage +$2 and to respond courteously at all times.
Buyers must figure out postage by going to http://postcalc.usps.gov/ 
In the post the seller's zip code and appoximate or exact weight will be there and you should know your zip code.. with that information you can calculate the postage.

Then if you are still interested post a reply.
REMEMBER Total cost will be SHIPPING + $2.

Note: I review all submissions and will not allow anything inappropriate.

Buyers and Sellers Review General Guidelines

Customer Guidelines
Seller Guidelines

What Can I offer to give away on Free Used Homeschool Books?

Do not try to offer anything inappropriate. I will not approve it and you will be banned.

Inappropriate, would be anything that is of a pornographic nature or that would not be acceptable material for children to use.

Acceptable items include any homeschool curriculum, books, manipulatives and teacher aids and books on or about homeschooling.

Fiction books for children are acceptable but please try to put them in batches.

Fiction books for adults are not accepted at this time.

How do I calculate approximate postage?

1. Go to http://postcalc.usps.gov/
2. Enter in exact or approximate weight.
3. Select package or large envelope
4. Enter your zip code and possible US destination zip codes and hit continue
How many you post is up to you buy you should have an estimated cost of shipping. If you want to determine exact shipping that can be discused when you communicate with the recipient.

In your post enter approximate postage to different USA destination areas

99208 Washington 
94236 California
83708  Idaho
55108  Minnesota
62959  Illinois
85003  Arizona
10007 New York
32308 Florida
78712 Texas
02115 Massachusetts

Example to ship a 1lb package at Media Mail or Book Rate from Southern Illinois will cost...
$2.23 to Washington
$2.23 to Massachusetts
$2.23 to Texas

After entering 3 zip codes I am pretty confident that to send the book will cost about $2.13 in shipping. What I can then expect is a payment of about $4.13.

I reserve the right to manage old Free Used Homeschool Books posts by removing them or archiving them to another page. With this in mind PLEASE post when the books have been given away.

Still have books to get rid of ...and are you willing to give Free Used Homeschool Books a try?

Free Used Homeschool Books for Postage + $2

Click links below to see Free Used Homeschool Books for postage +$2 available from other visitors.

Enjoy their comments and reviews and join in and discuss the books/curriculum about the ones you have used, read or liked/disliked.

SOLD Set of Learning 2000 cd's ~ weight is 2.5 lbs zip code 62890 
SOLD Learning 2000 Purchase of a Lifetime cd's is a set of cd's that cover Math, Reading and Writing. This set was given to me by a friend and I never …

Flights (Houghton-Mifflin Reading) ~2 lbs 62890 Not rated yet
I bought Flights used at a store...it is in really good shape but has a school stamp on the inside cover. I am not sure of the exact reading level …

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