Museum of Appalachia

by Julie

It was raining when we visited the Museum of Appalachia but it didn't damper the effect of being immersed in a time and culture different from our own.

From the pottery demonstration to the museum of artifacts, the southern home cooked meal and the folk music, I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent there.

Walking in the rain from building to building was enticing as a new experience waited behind each entrance.

In the museum, a wonderful man demonstrated how to play a dulcimer and encouraged the visitors to try. I left wanting to have a dulcimer, it had so moved and intrigued me.

Opened in 1962 with one log building, the complex now has grown to 60 acres with 35 log buildings.

Roaming around the land are chickens, ducks and peacocks. In the pastures we saw horses, cows, sheep and goats.

If you have a chance to visit, don't miss the opportunity to visit the gift shop, also. We were treated very well by the staff and the shop carried local and novel historical items.

I picked up a few charming Tennessee pictures.

Since it is November, while checking my facts, I did discover that during the holidays they have an old-fashioned Appalachia Christmas each year. It sure sounds like fun. If you get a chance to visit, feel free to share with us about your visit.

Museum of Appalachia is an excellent place to become immersed in history. It truly is a national treasure.

The address is PO Box 1189 Norris Tennessee

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