This is something neat we do now.....

by Marilyn

I can't upload a picture, but I am trying to incorporate art into our other classes more and more. Here are a couple things we have been doing.

1. We write our Bible verses that we are trying to memorize in interesting ways. For example, write a verse, and make the more "meaningful" words in bigger letters, color over "Jesus" in purple to represent his majesty.....weave plants and flowers among the words when talking about the beauty of God's creation. I like to put sunbeams coming from the word God so that the kids learn to pick up on it, always capitalize, and notice it being there.

2. I am pulling the water paints out a lot more often. We were studying the rainforest,and learning the levels of the rainforest and the plant and animal life in each one. The kids were getting restless, until I had them PAINT the levels!
Much more interested!

Thanks for letting me share, I look forward to reading the ideas of others!

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Oct 23, 2008
Using Painting to reinforce material
by: JulieD


What a great idea!

I am always looking for ways to reinforce materials and my kids love to paint, too.

I could see this being helpful in subjects like Math -this would be much more fun than doing flashcards over and over.

Yes, this fits in perfectly with science. Science can be very hands on with experiments but that doesn't always make the connections with artistic, visual types. But painting a science topic...that might do it.

The more I think about this, the more applications I can about painting a picture of an event or person from whatever historical area is being studied...hmmm

Thanks for sharing! Time to dig out the paints.


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