Snow Day? Not!

by Joshua

Watch out for those trees...

Watch out for those trees...

We've got snow! There is good and bad news about this. The bad news is it rained first then switched over to snow so we have at least three inches of ice covering everything with five inches of snow topping it making it hard to drive on the roads. Good news is, it's a great sight with the sun coming up in the morning for photo taking, which mom (the teacher) made me do for photography class. Also, the snow and ice is great for sledding. :)

Now, the thing with homeschooling is you don't always get snow days off, mainly because we don't have to get on a bus to go to school, because we are already at school otherwise I would be playing out in the snow right now while my allergies are not out to get me.:)

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Jan 30, 2009
What about our snow day art and P.E. class?
by: Teacher-Mom

Don't forget we also had P.E. and art class outside, on our snowed in, non snow day-school day. So it wasn't like you didn't get to play in the snow. :)

We probably should take a look at how to fix run-on sentences though. lol

For art class we had a whole field as a blank was awesome.

For a combined PE/Art class we created pictures in the field. It was fun.

Happy homeschooling days!

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