Saxon Math 76, Second Edition, $4.50, P

by MB

This is the Saxon hardback student book. By Hake and Saxon.
This copy is in poor condition. The cover is beat up, the insides of the cover have some writing on them. It is a used copy from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel school. However, the inside "text" portion of the book is COMPLETELY usable.
The reason I am selling it here, is that I think it is a totally usable book, and I would much rather have someone teaching their children with it than to throw it into recycling.
The $4.50 includes shipping. I will accept paypal, I don't know the differences that Julie is referring to. For this small amount of money, I would prefer that cash (hidden) were simply mailed to me, but I am flexible.
I hope someone can use it!

NOTE:Paypal (non credit card only)

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