Roman Numerals Mini Lapbook

by JulieD

Making a Roman numerals mini lapbook is an example of just how much I am excited about Mini Lapbooks and how they can be used.

My daughter for some reason, still has to think about the Roman Numerals.

So for part of her math today, I wanted to dedicate some time to reinforcing this concept.

I decided to let her make a roman numerals mini lapbook. At first she wasn't too excited but after she put in the know the roman numerals and what they equal....then she got to decorate.

When she started adding the creative elements a bit of her sense of humor started to shine through...

What she did was write I=1 II=2 etc. through 10 across the top and bottom of the first set of inside pages and the larger numbers across the top and bottom of the 2nd set of pages.

After she finished that, we looked at each other and asked, "So what goes in the middle?"

My idea was to have her draw some romans fighting five lions with a V for a sword or ten lions with an X but she went with her own plan

and drew a picture of a coliseum with 4 people fighting 1 lion...

the funny thing is that she wrote this on the side of the picture,

In the collosium there are IV people and I lion.

I read it out loud as, In the coliseum there are 4 people with I lion...I looked at her and said, "What?"

She laughed and replied, "You told me to use my Roman numerals and I=1."

lol I get it now, one lion, not I lion.

For the rest of the Roman Numerals mini lapbook she added the bigger numbers and wrote on the cover Romans Like Numerals.

A couple things I will have her add will involve using the built in flaps as a way to self test her on the numerals.

So the last set of pages will be dedicated to having her make a self test/quiz.

On the top side of the flap will be the question, "List the Roman Numerals for the numbers 1-10, 20, 40,50, 60, 100, 500 and 1000."

She can then use this as either a quick reference or as a review.

Then I can probably get rid of the Saxon Math 65 book which she is using as a reference...she is currently on the Saxon Algebra 1/2 really we should be able to part with this book now.

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