Indira Gandhi

by Lydia

Holiest Sikh shrine the Golden Temple

Holiest Sikh shrine the Golden Temple

In History today I learned about Indira Gandhi. No, she was not related
to Mohandas-("Mahatma") Ghandi at all... She was Jawaharlal Nehru daughter, and her father Nehru fought for India's independence against
Great Britain. Sadly, her father spent many years in prison because of it.

Meanwhile... Indira was educated in two different schools a India school and Oxford University in England... and then she also got married to Feroz Gandhi who died in the year of 1960.

When finally India was freed from Great Britain, Nehru was elected prime minister of India. Indira helped him through his years as prime minister, while she became more and more interested on politics.

Her father died in 1964, and she was appointed the Minister of Information and broadcasting.

In 1966, she was elected prime minister ... and then she lost power in 1977,and then she was elected again in 1980. Then she got two Shikh bodyguards in June 1984 (Shikhs are a type of very strict Hindu.),while that was happening an assault on the Golden Temple took place. The Golden Temple is the most holiest Shikh shrine. She was then killed by a bullet shot on October 31 ,1984... Her killers...were her two Shikh bodyguards.

I think her father did the right thing but... I don't really think it was the best idea for Indira to assault the Golden Temple right before she got those bodyguards...

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