Distance Rate problems

by Joshua

I seem to have trouble with distance rate problems so I have been practicing them lately.

My goal is to get them right and done quickly. My problem is I can't seem to remember all the formulas. The thing is there is only one equation D=R X T but the variations get me mixed up.

One type D = D or in other words R X T = R x T. I don't have too much trouble with that one.

Another type is when the rates are equal and you have to figure out how to get either D or T

The equation here is D/T = D/T

The one that confuses me the most is when they give a total distance traveled by two together....D1 + D2 = N

This involves solving one equation and substituting the answer into another equation.

Helpful Hint from Mom

1. Read the entire problem first
2. Write down what you know (equations and given values in the problem)
3. Figure out what they want to know
4. Take it step by step and write every step down.
5. Solve by determining what you need to know and how you can get there from what you do know....watch out for extra unnecessary stuff in the problem. Use only what you need.

Although these are the toughest problems for me they are also my favorite type of problems because I can think of many ways I might actually be able to use this type of problem and it is important.

So if you have any more suggestions or any helpful hints on how to remember how to do these, let me know. Thanks!

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