by Joshua



I learned that Australia's landscape consists mostly of plains, deserts, hills and forests. The center of Australia is mostly desert.

New Zealand is primarily an island of forests.

Although I didn't learn this in history, Australia is powered by hydro power. They conserve their water. We could learn how not to use too much water from them.

My brother went to Australia for World Youth Day. He also went to Tasmania and their National Forest. He said that the forest looks like Jurassic Park with ancient and odd looking plants and trees.

Here are some other facts about Australia and New Zealand.

The population of Australia is 15 million people, 70% of them live in Sydney.

Off the coast of Australia, in the coral sea is where the poisonous flamboyant cuttlefish the coral reefs.

The aborigines use an instrument that is naturally carved out by termites. It is called a didjeridu.

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