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Option 2: Used Homeschool Textbooks 4 Sale

Easy List Method

To list your used homeschool textbooks for sale, it's easy and fast just fill in the form.


  1. Fill out form only once per book/set
  2. Fill out form completely. Personal information will not be displayed online and will be used only for the transaction or to contact you with questions about the transaction.
  3. I will be reviewing and posting each submission in its appropriate category. Meaning if you list it as an English book for Junior High it will be found on the Used English books for sale page under the Junior High level.
  4. Be patient. There may be days when I can't post the used homeschool books for sale first thing in the morning but I will post them as soon as I can. Generally, I will post new additions once per day in the morning.
  5. Once per day in the evening (unless I am physically unable to reach my computer) I will email you a list of people who have responded to your used homeschool books for sale post. You will need to contact them to complete the sale and to inform them of the status of a pending sale. Please do not leave potential buyers wondering about the sale...just send them a quick email letting them know if they won the sale, if it is pending or if it is sold.  I will be updating the list often but I expect there will be times when an item is sold and I have not yet been notified or haven't posted the updated status yet. 
  6. For easy reference-bookmark this Used Homeschool Textbooks for sale page.

NOTE: I will not email you if there have not been any responses to your used homeschool textbooks for sale post. 

Please whitelist resources4homeschoolers.com

When item is sold and the transaction is completed let me know, so that I can remove it from the list or mark as pending.

Acceptable Things to Post on Used Homschool Textbooks for Sale

  1. Used Homeschool Textbooks, books, curriculum, homeschool programs
  2. Answer Keys
  3. Homeschool Bundles
  4. Children's fiction books in bundles/sets (not individually)
  5. Educational Reference books
  6. Educational Materials
Generally, homeschool books and supplies will be acceptable.

NOT Acceptable to Post on Used Homeschool Textbooks for Sale

  1. NO Sellers or Resellers or Curriculum Affiliates (Try Vegsource)
  2. This is a family site-no Adult Content/Rated R material
  3. NO adult fiction
  4. No links to outside this site for curriculums, book sources etc.

Since Used Homeschool Textbooks for sale option 2 does not have a built in seller/buyer/transaction review,

I reserve the right to decline any submission if I believe it is not appropriate for this site or ban a buyer/seller if there are excessive problems or unresolved conflicts caused by a particular buyer/seller.

Used Homeschool Textbooks for Sale Form

Used Textbooks For Sale
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
Last Name*
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
E-mail Address*
Textbook Title*
Set or Single book*
A Set including Answer Keys
B Set without Answer Keys
C Single textbook
D Single textbook with Answer Keys
A Excellent
B Good
C Poor but Readable
D Slightly damaged or marked
E Other (Please put information in Comments)
Total Price including shipping *
A Math
B English
C Foreign Languages
D Art
E Science
F Geography/Social Studies
G Writing
H History
I Grammar
J Reference
K Other(Please note in Comments)
Textbook Edition*
A 1st
B 2nd
C 3rd
D 4th
E Unknown
Approximate Grade Level*
A Elementary
B Middle School
C High School
D College
E Unknown
Why Selling?*
A Finished Using
B Bought but didn't need it
C Used it but didn't like it
D Trying something else
E Other (Add to comments)
Rate this book!*
A Loved It! (Tell why in comments please)
B Good but not great
C Adequate-Worked but not the best
D Didn't work at all for us
E Strongly Disliked! (Tell why in comments please)
A For Sale
B For Sale or Trade
C Trade Only (Include what willing to trade for in comments)
Payment Methods Accepted
A Cash
B Money Order
C Check
D PayPal Credit Card
E PayPal NON Credit Card
F All of the Above Except Paypal Credit Card
G Check or Money Order
H All of the Above

Please enter the word that you see below.


After your used homeschool textbooks sale is completed or pending please use the form on any of the category pages to let me know it has sold or is pending so I can take you off the daily response list and remove the listing or mark it as sold. Thanks.


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