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Teaching the Alphabet

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Teaching the Alphabet

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The alphabet is the beginning of a journey....

                             Alphabet journey

                                            and what a fantastic journey!

                Travel with words through imagination, discovery and logic to the core of                                                                                  Knowledge and Wisdom

Writing Resources: Teaching the Alphabet

Best Writing Resources Tip:

Make it fun!

Here are some ideas on how to do that.....find a way that your child enjoys.
After the mechanics of making the letters are mastered then other methods can be used to fine tune the techniques or to make the letters better. Focus first, on forming the letters.

Silly Alphabet Path
Me, JulieD


Trace the letters in the sand
Trace the letters in some rice

Trace the letters in the mud
Trace the letters once or twice

Make it fun. Make sure you laugh.
Let's enjoy the alphabet path.

Jog an "A", Sprint a "B"
Jump to Dot the "I"
Circle an "O" and climb a "T"
Then monkey swing the "Y"

Make it fun. Make sure you laugh.
Let's enjoy the alphabet path.

Build a huge, playdough "M"
Tear it apart and make an "N"
Lego a snake into an "S"
Bead a "C" onto a dress

Make it fun. Make sure you laugh.
Let's enjoy the alphabet path.

OK, let's get serious...oh, maybe later....let's have some more fun with teaching the alphabet.
What else can you do to get the basic letter mechanics down?

-Trace the letters in soap bubbles
-Trace the letters in ketchup or
-Using a fork let them rearrange their peas into letters
(if you allow your children to play with their food)
-alphabet soup -gotta love it!
-Point out letters on roadway signs
-Paint the letters-on paper or with soap foam on windows
-Use chalk to write them on a sidewalk or cement wall
-Trace the letters on dirty car windows (yours only please, unless you have permission)
-Make snow letters
-Carve a letter into a soap bar
-Make a letter trail using seeds, dog food or footprints
(this could be a single letter or a string of letters to make a huge trail)
-Make a letter by using leaves or seeds or pictures to form a collage (if pictures try to use pictures that start with the letter)
-Use nuts, buckeyes, buttons, by themselves or with other small objects to create letters

***Challenge them to make a "Letter" using pencils or crayons or uncooked noodles***

For the adventurous type teachers....use cooked noodles to help you with teaching the alphabet. :O)

Additional Teaching the Alphabet Ideas:

Play Letter Games

-Guess that letter
-Watch Wheel of Fortune
-Computer match the letter to sound games
-Advanced students-guess what letter a word starts with or ends with
-Use legos, lincoln logs, k-nex or other building toys and build the letters and then knock them down
-Find letter shapes in you see the "Y" in the tree or a "P" in the clouds or a "T" in a cross necklace?

If none o
f these appeal to you, I guess you can always have them do a coloring sheet of the letters.

There are some really cool markers and crayons out there.

If you have a fun or unique way to practice writing the letters, please share using the form below. Thanks!

Eventually, you will have to show them how to hold a pencil and write the letters using a pencil...but again don't be locked into the print off a sheet and copy the letters.

Try to be creative with it at least once in awhile. Build on the idea of this being a challenge or a game with levels and when they master a, maybe not party but do celebrate in some way what they have achieved. This is big!

Homeschool Teacher    Homeschool Mentor

Writing Resources: Your Writing Tips for Teaching the Alphabet

Homeschool Teacher, Homeschool Mentor is about sharing tips and strategies with each other. I know you all have some great ideas...why not take a minute and share your writing resources ideas, tips and suggestions.

I'd love to hear from you! Sometimes one little helpful tip from someone else can make all the difference...

Send your writing resources ideas and tips in the form below and they will be reviewed and added to this page as soon as possible. Thanks!

Do you have a writing tip?

Do you have a writing tip? Please, share it! By sharing we can all become better writers and communicators.

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