12 weeks of school

by Julie

We have just finished 12 weeks of school.

A quick analysis is that they've learned something in those 12 weeks, it may not be exactly what I wanted them to learn....but they did learn.

The struggles with writing for my oldest have given me a new determination to help others to learn and/or teach writing.

My dear Lydia, is trying to redo math lessons but at the same time has basically finished the history books. I think for the remaining part of the semester, I may have her do some lapbooks on whatever she found enjoyable in the history and science books. She has been commenting daily on the material....now it's time to see what she has retained and to reinforce what she hasn't retained. She is very hands-on but also loves to read and explore new ideas.

Joshua, in 12 weeks of school, just keeps moving along...steady progress, steady work. Maybe not as fast as I like, but he keeps going forward. I'm ok with that.

Art classes and Day classes have started and have enriched our school days. All of the kids enjoy these outside classes and so do I.

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